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Plastic Injection Moulders

MT Containers is a very active recycler and for the past eight years we have reprocessed large quantities of locally sourced surplus plastic to manufacture our range of MT products featured on the Home Page.

Recyclable plastic typically comes from waste collections, manufacturing overruns, faulty products, deleted product lines, packaging, empty and worn out or surplus goods.

Processing plastic for reuse includes:

  • sorting to ensure conformity of moulding characteristics
  • grinding or pelletising to a size that suits injection moulding
Pitfalls include:
  • difficult to remove labels
  • dirt and other contaminants
  • difficult to separate components of different plastics
  • difficult to remove components of metal or other construction
  • reprocessing costs rising to more than the cost of new plastic

Often due to the variable characteristics of recycled plastic and to ensure strength and durability of the moulded items, the wall thickness or overall weight is increased.
Consequently the cost of manufacture may be a little different from an item made from virgin plastic.
However products from recycled plastic save raw material resources, lessen enegy requirements and reduce landfill waste while giving excellent service and value.

We require commercial quantities of clean plastic suitable for recycling and can assist in material identification and pick up from anywhere in New Zealand.

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