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MT Sign MT Containers is a plastic injection moulding company formed in 2000 with the purchase of an existing plant from the receivers. Privately owned and operated we are based in the Rosebank business precinct in Avondale, Auckland.

We make a diverse range of components and completed products for New Zealand & Australasian industry.

In the past 10 years we have streamlined and modernized the operation focusing on:

  • meeting customer quality & delivery expectations
  • energy efficiency
  • recycling of plastics, recycled packaging & recycled pallets
  • factory layout and equipment lineup
Our philosophy is a move towards more "eco aware" and sustainable practices.

Example One
The installation of flurescent factory lighting has improved visibility and hence safety while lowering electricity consumption.

Example Two
The recycling of all older injection moulding machines and replacement with new remanufactured units offering dramatically reduced electricity consumption, vastly improved reliability, faster operation and easier use. Remanufacture was chosen for its hugely lower "carbon footprint" compared to the casting, forging and machining of brand new items.

At MT Containers we also market our own MT range of products. Featuring robust construction from locally sourced and processed recycled plastic, the MT range is available from retailers nationwide.

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